Kasey & Alan | Shirley Acres Wedding Video | Houston, TX

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It was an incredible opportunity to make this video for Kasey and Alan! One thing I love about wedding videography is I get the chance to visually make a reminder to the bride and groom of the commitment they’ve made to each other and what they stand for. Kasey and Alan’s wedding let me take it one step further as Kasey’s dad reminds them verbally to “remember” all that they’ve worked for together, and what it’s like to rejoice together at the end of giving your all.

Kasey and Alan, you are amazing people, and it shows through everyone that was there to support you on your wedding day, the things they had to say, and the stories they had to tell. I hope this video is not just a reminder of how beautiful your wedding day was, but that it is also an encouragement to push forward when things are difficult and it becomes a tool of remembrance to strengthen your marriage!


Venue: Shirley Acres, Houston, TX



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