Five Year Anniversary Trip | California Travel Video

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So Bethany loves the first song to this video. At first I was really hesitant to use it because it starts off so sad, but the more I listened to it the more I realized how perfect it was for us. Long story short, our marriage didn’t start out easy. So for me this video represents where we came from, a completely broken place, to where we are now, a place where we naturally feel in love with each other a lot of the time, and when we don’t we chose to love each other.

Before we were at such a place of brokenness. A place where things were so bad a counselor (in absolutely terrible advice) told us basically that we were so incompatible we would be better off separating. A place where my mentality was wrapped up in selfishness.

But by the grace of God, He changed both of our perspectives, and renewed our marriage by showing us through friends, counselors, and the Bible what it was really all about. How we deserved nothing, but He gave us everything, as a perfect example of how we should love each other. I can’t tell you how much this truth, and following and treating each other in light of it, has changed the way Bethany and I feel about each other. I could write on this forever, so if you want to know more you’ll just have to ask us in person!

We are so thankful now. To be able to travel together and celebrate where we are now versus where we were then! You would not even believe. I think the end of these songs say it well: “Let us wonder, let us hold each other” – “Still you lead me. You’ll never leave me”


Okay! Now I’ll talk about the actual trip, haha!

For our second year anniversary we had taken a trip to California driving up Highway 1 from San Jose to stay in San Francisco. We were so torn because we wanted to go somewhere new, but we also loved the coast in California so much that we wanted to do it again, so we met halfway and spent four days in Lake Tahoe, and then drove through Sonoma Valley and spent 3 days right above San Francisco.

Lake Tahoe was AMAZING. It is incredible how blue the water is. We had seen pictures of it looking that blue, and I was worried it looked so good in the pictures that Bethany was going to be disappointed when she saw the real thing, but it DID NOT disappoint! It seriously looks like you are in the Caribbean. There are tons of nice easy hikes around, and that’s what we did the majority of, but we also did some really big ones too that were pretty awesome. I’ll list them all out in an update later!

The coastline of California on Highway 1 was amazing as always, but there was one really special place we went to. Bolinas Fairfax Ridge in California on Mt. Tamapais State Park was unreal. You’ll see at the end of the video it was just rolling hills up high on a mountain overlooking the ocean. We couldn’t even see the ocean for the night we drove up to see sunset because the fog was rolling in and it just covered the ocean like a sea of clouds. I can’t explain it any other way than it just looked like another world. I think you’ll agree when you see the video!


Here are all the places we hiked or visited!

Lake Tahoe Beaches:
Sand Harbor – where you can see someone jump off the rocks and where all the kayaks were.
Secret Harbor – the first beach area we walked down to.
Secret Cove – the part of the video where we kissed during sunset. It’s a nude beach, watch out!
Bonsai Rock – the big rock with the bonsai 😉
Sugar Pine Point State Park – the SUPER blue lake area with a dock and the sign that says cold water!

Lake Tahoe Hikes:
Eagle Lake – the first hike it shows. The lake with the ducks swimming around. Super easy hike!
Horsetail Falls Trail – this was the long hike to those huge falls. it’s super intense! Especially if you try to climb the waterfall like we did!
Winnemucca Lake Trail – the super windy hike at the end of the first song. This was our longest hike, but it was really easy and really pretty!

California Coast Places:
Muir Beach Overlook – at sunset with a walkway overlooking the cliff of the coastline.
Muir Woods – the one walkway through the redwoods.
Bolinas Fairfax Ridge Road – This is the dreamy rolling hills at the end of the video at the top of Mt. Tamalpais State Park
Highway 1 – random places we stopped on the coast south of San Francisco
Marshalls Beach – this is the beach that looks at the Golden Gate Bridge! All the ending sunset beach shots were here. (another nude beach of course)

California Restaurants:
Tacolicious – the really fancy pink drink Bethany got! GO HERE! The best place I’ve eat’n in San Fran!
Bi-Rite Creamery – not in the video, but GO HERE! The best ice cream I’ve ever had. They had creme brulee ice cream!
Dandelion Chocolate – where the chocolate chip cookie was from. Great chocolate milkshakes too!
Tartine Bakery & Cafe – it only showed Bethany in line at the place, but this is always a must go to.
Super Duper Burger – this was actually in Mill Valley, but I loved this place. It was like a home grown In-And-Out.

Lake Tahoe Restaurants:
Macduffs Pub – not in the video, but this is seriously one of the best places ever. GET THE MAC & CHEESE! DO IT!
The Red Hut Cafe – also not in the video, but amazing waffles! Get all the fruit and whip cream on it! Leslie Knope style!
Burger Lounge – this is where that chili cheese dog was from. The burgers are really good here too!

Cabin We Stayed At In Lake Tahoe – you should totally stay here. It was so perfect.



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