My Send Off From The Jimmy McNeal Band

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This weekend was the end of an era for me. I’ve been playing drums with the Jimmy McNeal Band for over seven years, and to say that they are like a 2nd family to me somehow doesn’t even seem enough. I’ve spent weeks on end with these friends and made memories I could only ever dream of. They’ve each been by my side through the absolute worst and the unimaginable best. They’ve taught me how to be a better friend, musician, Christ follower, and husband. Jimmy, Wesley, Jacob, Mason, Travis, Paul, Caleb, Micah, Whitney, Michael, Jon, Matt, Jaleesa – I freak’n love y’all.

I can’t speak enough to the leadership Jimmy has shown me over the years. I’m talking teary-eyed, late nights on the phone, on the floor of of my closet not knowing how to handle life. He’d encourage me, read scripture to me, and pray for me, all right there over the phone. He helped give me a deeper love for Christ by pushing me to dig deeper into who God has revealed Himself to be. When I was self focused, he taught me how be a better husband by being Christ focused. I will never forget these things.

I’m always trying to capture experiences with videos, so you know I had to put some of our memories together for this. I’m stepping down on totally good terms to focus on family and my video work, but it feels all the more difficult this way. It’s taken a level of Surrender for all of us to make this happen, so this song from our album seemed perfect.

Where the videos were produced & what events they are from:
– Jimmy McNeal Album Recording & Live CD Release
– Breakaway Ministries
– This Glorious Grace Recording : Produced by Austin Stone Worship
– Hot Hearts SETX
– Wild Week
– ATX Student Conference : Produced by Cole Sayre
– The Austin Stone Students BC : Produced by Cole Sayre



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