A Picture Of Levi HanuschHey! I’m Levi.

I live with my wife Bethany in a little gray house that we built in the hill country around San Marcos, TX.  We are living the most honest, fun lives we can with our cat, Winston, and our coonhound, Mosely. We enjoy the river and scary movies WAY too much, but we just can’t help it. We also love a good TV show. We try to live lives that reflect Jesus Christ and my hope is that you see Him through us.

Aside from shooting weddings, I have a job playing drums for worship leader Jimmy McNeal. Drumming is a huge part of my life that I don’t know if I’ll ever give up, but I often wonder the same thing about about videography! Bethany is now officially in grad school for professional counseling, which she will be THE BEST at. She is also one of the best artists I’ve ever met.


A little bit of history.

My first dive into becoming an artist came at age 15 when I started playing drums. Like I said before, I still keep up the drums today, playing under Jimmy McNeal both locally at the Austin Stone Church and around the nation. About the same time I started drumming I also started doing photography with my sister’s Nikon D70. That led to me doing daily video for some summer camps, which led me to loving both video and photo. I worked on several video projects, and then when I met my wife Bethany and she fell in love with pictures. We started a wedding photography business that lasted for 5 years, Two Times Photography.

We shot weddings for four years under the Two Times Photography name! I didn’t stop doing video projects during this time though. If anything, it just kept me wanting to do more video. Bethany took over Two Times Photography towards the end, and then continued photography afterwards with Bethany Lynn Photography. I have just always felt like video was more of my thing. I have a confidence with it that I don’t have shooting photo the way Bethany did. After we stopped Two Times, we began working under Brandon Hill doing photo and video for weddings.

For several years now I have been shooting under my own name, with my own style. I’ve been shooting all sorts of videos for people… travel, business, promotional… and in each one I am going after that feeling of moving someone through film. Nothing does that like a wedding! Now it’s your turn to tell me about yourself!